Guided Courses

Download free math and science curriculum!

Mathematics and Science are the products of exploration and discovery, so why not learn them that way? Guided Courses provides roadmaps to help you cover the essentials, as well as detailed explanations of key points.

Get a firm grip on those basic skills. Then take a test to see if you are ready for Algebra.

Whether you're feeding your llama, taking a college admission test, or exploring the mysteries of the universe, Algebra is just what you need!

Experiment with Geometry. Set of downloadable worksheets.

Don't just follow steps. Learn to understand why things work the way they do.

The ideas of calculus explained through simple stories and shapes.

Suggested prerequisites: Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra.

Study guide for AP Calculus AB

This homeschool-friendly study guide emphasizes biology facts that are most likely to be relevant to your daily life

Study guide for Chemistry

Study guide for Physics